How Do I Take Advantage of A Promo Code I Have?

If you have a Promo Code, enter it into the text box and your promo will automatically be calculated in the final price of your order. Promos can be either dollars off, percentage off, or for bonus weeks. Pay attention to the expiration dates for each promo. Promos that are entered after their expiration dates will not be accepted.

How Long Can My Ad Display on the Screen?

The standard display time on the screens is 15 seconds. Most 15-second advertisements are static display ads, but you can animate your logo or use background video footage. Advertisers are encouraged to keep their message short and to the point with contact information provided.

The minimum display time for static display images is 12 seconds, which only allows enough reading time for your logo, slogan and contact information. If you feel you need to get a lot of information across on your static display advertisement, then you can sign up for a 15, 18 or 24-second display lengths. Another option is to choose a 15 second display time but select double or triple exposure so that it appears more frequently in the ad rotation.

Longer display times are available for animated or video advertisements. Much like double or triple exposure, you can make your ad double or triple length. Whether you are signing up for double or triple exposure or double or triple display length, each additional ad spot is 50% off. A 30-second ad is the equivalent of two 15-second ads with 50% off the 2nd 15-second ads’ price.

Animated or video advertisements can take considerably longer production time to create than designing a static display advertisement.

How Many Screens Can I Sign Up For?

The more cinema screens you sign up for the less you’ll pay per screen, and the more exposure your business will receive. The current locations you can advertise in Southeast Alaska are in Juneau, Ketchikan and Sitka. There are 13 HD screens available to advertise on in these cities. Juneau has a total of 7 HD screens in two Gross-Alaska cinema locations – 2 screens downtown and 5 screens at the Glacier Cinemas. Ketchikan has 2 HD screens at the Coliseum Theatre. Sitka has 4 HD screens – 2 at each Coliseum Theatre location. In addition, the downtown cinema in Juneau and the Ketchikan Coliseum both have vertical lobby boards, which you can sign up for separately. Glacier Cinemas in Juneau also has a horizontal lobby board available to advertise on.

At some locations the projectors that display the advertisements onto each cinema screen are networked together to the same media player, meaning what plays in one cinema is the same exact thing showing in the rest of the cinemas at that location. This also means that you can only sign up for all the screens at that location and can not split up the screens. The locations which can allow an advertiser to split up the screens if they choose to do so are the 2 screens in Ketchikan, or between the two locations in Sitka.

Can I advertise on the Menu Boards in the Lobby?

Yes, digital lobby menu board screens are currently available to advertise on at all cinemas in Southeast Alaska. Lobby menu board advertising is only available for those who are currently signed up to advertise on the screens in the auditoriums of those cinemas. You can have your onscreen advertisement displayed on these lobby menu boards for a weekly rate of only $12/cinema.

It should be noted that the lobby menu boards at the Juneau Downtown 20th Century Twin and the Ketchikan Coliseum are vertical screens, meaning they are much taller than they are wide. These menu boards will require a different ad design (poster style) than ads designed for the cinema screens. Audio is not available for lobby menu board advertising. Vertical Lobby Menu boards dimensions are 720px wide x 1280px tall for Ketchikan & downtown Juneau, and horizontal at 1280px wide x 720px tall for Glacier Cinemas. Sitka lobby boards are the same as what is up on the cinema screens.

How Many Weeks Can I Sign Up For?

The more weeks you sign up for the less you’ll pay per week. We recommend that advertisers sign up for at least a minimum of 4 weeks in order to begin seeing results. Anything less is more appropriate for special announcements like promoting a birthday or anniversary. If you take into consideration that each week 1-4 new movies are released, the movie industry tries to rotate through all the different types of genres in a month to keep people coming back to the cinemas. This is great for advertising because it helps advertisers reach everyone from the adult, R-rated crowd to the G-rated kids crowd and their parents.

However, repetition is the key to successful advertising, and the more often people see your advertisement the more your message and name brand will get out. When you sign up for 16 weeks (4 months) or more you will receive a weekly price break per screen as well as 4 additional bonus weeks free. When you sign up for 30 weeks (7.5 months) or more you will receive a bigger weekly price break per screen as well as 6 additional bonus weeks free. However, our full year package presents the greatest savings to your business while giving you maximum exposure to a highly desirable demographic. You pay for 44 weeks (11 months) at our lowest weekly rate per screen and receive 8 additional bonus weeks free, for a total of 52 weeks.

Can I Sign Up for More Advertising Spots for More Exposure?

Your advertisement will display before every showing of every movie, every day, for each week you sign up for. After your advertisement has finished its display it will display again every 10 minutes until the movie begins. You can, however, sign up for double or triple exposure by purchasing additional ad spots. All additional ad spots are 50% off the price of your first ad. These are additional advertising spots and what you chose to display in these spots is up to you. They could be the same ad as the first spot or a different ad, but the ad display time, the number of screens and the number of weeks will be the same as the first ad.

Can I Have an Audio Message or Music Play While My Advertisement Displays?

There is already movie soundtrack music playing in each cinema auditorium while the ads are being shown. However, if you wish to bring the audio music down in order to play an audio message or your own music while your ad displays on the screen, this can be done. There is a weekly rate of $3/screen to set the cues that will bring the auditorium music down so it is not playing over your audio while your ad is on display.

Will I Need to Pay Sales Tax on This Order?

If you are a non-profit organization or a government agency you will not be charged local Juneau sales tax. Only retail and for-profit businesses in the Juneau area will be charged the 5% City Borough of Juneau sales tax. If you are also advertising at a cinema location outside the City Borough of Juneau, such as Ketchikan or Sitka, you will only be charged local Juneau sales tax on the screens that you advertise on in Juneau.

Are There Additional Discounts Available for Non-Profits or Ad Agencies?

If you are a non-profit organization you can take an additional 10% off your order. If you are an ad agency you can take a 15% commission off your order for making the sale on behalf of your client.

When do I need to get my final Ad Design approved or received by?

Alaska Grafix changes advertisements on Fridays when new movies premiere. During the duration of your advertising contract, you can change your advertisement on any Friday if you wish to, but there are different deadlines depending on which particular Friday of the month it is that you want to change your advertisement.

We have scheduled ad changes every month on the first and third Fridays of that month. This is also when we update the movie trivia and Coming Soon ads. The Deadlines to get your final ad designs or approvals in for these scheduled Friday ad changes are the Wednesdays prior to the first and third Friday of the month.

For any of the other non-scheduled Fridays during the month, which mostly would only include the 2nd and 4th Friday, but sometimes this may also include a 5th Friday depending on the month, these are upon request only. You will need to make your request well ahead of time since these are non-scheduled Friday ad changes. We will also need to receive your final ad designs or approvals on the Monday before this particular non-scheduled Friday ad change. The managers at the different cinema locations are not expecting to be updating the ads on non-scheduled Fridays unless we inform them there will indeed be new ads for that particular Friday, which is why we will need to receive your final ad designs or approvals on the Monday prior.

So, the short answer is we can change your ad on any of the Fridays during the month, but the longer more convoluted answer is, depending on which Friday of the month you want to change your ad, that will determine when precisely you will need to get your final ads designs or approvals in by.

Are There Any Other Fees That May Be Applied to My Order?

Missed Deadline Rush Fee: As mentioned above, there are different deadlines depending on the Friday you wish to change your ad or get started. For those that really have to get their ad up right away starting on a particular Friday, but the deadline has already passed, a $50 Rush fee will be applied.

Late Fee: Generally we are pretty flexible with advertisers and how they wish to pay their invoice. However, if an invoice is 90 days past due and we have not heard from anyone regarding its payment, a 3% late fee will be applied to your total order for each month that goes by following your 90-day delinquent notice, until a payment of some kind is made.

Production Fees: If you require Alaska Grafix to design and produce your advertisement our production costs are $80/hour. This includes, but is not limited to, graphic ad layout, logo design, video production, animation, on-site filming, and voice-over production. This does not include text edits, which typically require no charge, nor would this include a template style advertisement where new info or listings for the ad are emailed in on a bi-weekly basis. Logos that are designed by Alaska Grafix for the purpose of advertising in the cinema are the property of Alaska Grafix and will require additional purchasing costs to use outside of cinema advertising.

Do You Design Our Advertisement Or Do We Provide Our Own Ad?

Either. Our highly-skilled, professional graphic design team can help you create your advertisement. Our production costs are only $80/hr. A basic static display image advertisement typically requires only 1 or 2 hours to put together, but sometimes 3 or 4 hours if the ad is a complex design project. Animated and video ads can take considerably more time to design and render but can have a huge impact on your audience. We can use video footage or have your logo swoop in for a dramatic impression. Depending on how complex you want to make your animated or video advertisement, production time can take anywhere from 4 to 18 hours.

We can take your logo, any imagery you provide, and your message to design your advertisement specifically for the screen. Before anything goes up on display at the theaters we will send you a proof of the advertisement for your final approval, ensuring that the information is correct and there are no misspellings, etc. We are also available to do on-site photography or videography using our professional media equipment.

You are welcome to design your own advertisements for display if you have the digital graphic tools available to you, and therefore no design production charges will be applied, provided your advertisement is designed according to our Design Layout Specifications.

What kind of Digital Format do you need the ads to be in?

Our cinema advertisements are designed to standard 1080p HD dimensions. You don’t need bleeds because these ads are not for print, but you should keep text within 80px from the edges. PDF, PNG or JPG are ideal formats at Max quality with 0% compression. Refer to the Design Layout Template if you need help setting up your ad. Final static image ads can be sent to .

Video or animated ads can be 15, 18, 24, 30 or 36-second lengths at 30fps, plus a half second lead-in and lead-out without fades. MP4 or Quicktime MOV are ideal formats. Higher bitrates produce better quality. Large video files can be shared using Google Drive, iCloud.com, Box.com, Dropbox.com, Hightail.com, or Adobe Creative Cloud.

What kind of Customer Guarantee do you offer?

Some things we cannot guarantee. We cannot guarantee your advertisement, no matter how beautiful and effective we may think it will be at the time of its final approval, will be successful. All we can do is get it up on the screens where we know people will see it. That much we can guarantee.

Even though we know your ad will be seen when on the screens, we cannot guarantee a movie’s ticket sales. And as we all know, some movies perform better than others, and we don’t know if maybe a storm comes along and now there’s nothing for anyone to do that weekend but go see a movie at the cinema. Again, our job is simply to get your ad up on the screen where it will be seen. That’s why our slogan is “Be Seen On Screen.”

If at any time you are unhappy with our services or not completely satisfied with our performance beyond what’s already out of our control as mentioned above, we promise to rectify the issue and make it right for you. In the event of an unlikely situation where an ad is not updated in time or there is an equipment failure, we will offer you a bonus week or two of advertising at no charge, or we can refund you for the lost advertising time.

If you are having problems contacting someone at our office, please make a note of when you were trying to contact us. Unless indicated that our office will be closed for vacation or a holiday break, someone should always be available to get back in touch with you within 24 hours of your recorded voicemail message at 907-364-4601, or 1-888-364-4601 outside Juneau, or reply to your email. If someone does not get back in touch with you within 24 hours then your first week of advertising is free. However, please be aware that responses may take a bit longer surrounding major movie releases or holidays. You can find all our contact information at the bottom of the page here.