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The Rate Generator and Online Order Pages are Coming Soon


If you would still like to place an order you can email the details of your order along with your billing information to , or leave a message on our office voice mail and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

You can view the current rate sheet HERE. If you’d like to receive the most current Rate information sent directly to your inbox, please email your contact information to .

  1. Determine what duration you would like your advertisement to be displayed on the screen and choose the corresponding box for 12-second display, 15-second display or 18-second display.
  2. Select the row for the number of weeks you would like your advertisement to run on the screens. We recommend a minimum of 4 weeks to allow your advertisement to circle through enough different genres of films and age groups to ensure you are reaching your target audience. Longer week package runs will reach more of your target audience. The more weeks you sign up for the less it is per week.
  3. Select the column that contains the number of screens you would like to advertise on. Juneau has 7 HD screens, Sitka has four HD screens and Ketchikan has two HD screens. The more screens you sign up for the less it is per screen. This will determine your weekly rate.
  4. Multiply the weekly rate by the number of screens and the number of weeks and this will be your total rate. Now you can add audio to your advertisement, or add the lobby boards in addition to your screen advertisements. And if you need help designing your advertisement you can add our professional production services.
  5. In addition, you can also sign up for double or triple display length or exposure. Each additional ad spot is 50% off your first spot. You can turn your 15-second ad into a 30-second ad for only 1.5x the cost, or have your 15-second ad appear twice as often than the usual once per every 10 minutes.
    Or sign up for two advertising spots and get the third spot free for triple exposure.

You can design your own advertisement using the Design Layout Template HERE.

us to sign up now or if you have further questions.

Voice Mail: 364-4601 / Outside Juneau: 888-364-4601